Blue Star and Kyklos Partner To Create Jobs In Chile

In 2016 two recyclers from South America spent a month with Blue Star Recyclers as part of the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI). We learned and shared best practices. Sebastian Herceg with Kyklos in Chile, reconnected with us in early 2018 to share about new laws in Chile related to workforce inclusion and waste reduction. Since Blue Star’s mission produces impact on both of those fronts, Sebastian applied to YLAI for a reverse exchange visit so Bill could visit Chile and explore how Kyklos could replicate Blue Star’s model there. The visit produced positive responses from government and business leaders and launched an initiative to create vocational training and jobs in Chile through electronics recycling. In early 2019 Kyklos received funding from Entel (Cellular carrier in Chile) to cover a facility and other initial costs.

Through a separate grant from the US Embassy in Chile, representatives from Blue Star Recyclers have been invited to return to Chile in November to participate in the grand opening of Kyklos’s new electronics recycling program, provide training to the Kyklos staff, and promote the initiative.

Congratulations to Sebastian and his team at Kyklos. Thanks to the US Embassy in Chile and Entel for providing the financial support to help make the initiative possible.

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